Our members serve in a variety of ways and are engaged in various ministries in the church, including:

Altar ServingA team of individuals who assist with the ceremonies involved in the celebration of the Eucharist. Children as young as age 9 may serve; most of our servers are adults.

Altar GuildA group of people who care for the linens used during the Mass and who “set up” and “clean up” before and after celebrations of the Eucharist. This involves removing and later replacing dust covers; preparing the vessels to use used at Mass; washing them and storing them afterwards; and occasionally polishing the silver and brass used at the altar.

Bazaar Craft GroupA craft-abled group that meets from early summer through November on Monday afternoons to make crafts to sell at the church’s holiday bazaar.

Coffee Hour HostsAfter most 10:00 services, many worshipers adjourn to the parish hall for coffee, light refreshments, and fellowship. A host is needed each week to provide food (cookies, a cake, cheese and crackers, fruit, or some combination of these or other things). The church provides the coffee.

Greeters – Individuals sign up to hand out service leaflets and greet worshipers as they arrive for the 10:00 service. Greeters are asked to be present by 9:45.

Grounds Care Team – Volunteers from the church cut the grass each week from late May through the end of September. Our property is small, and the job takes less than 30 minutes. The church supplies the mower and gas.

LectorsIndividuals sign up to read the Old Testament lesson at the 10:00 service.